Personal cars are the most preferred mode of transportation by most American for the following reasons:

    • It can cover both short- and long-distance travel while providing convenience and privacy during family, friend, or personal escapades.
    • Reliability during an emergency that helps in preservation of life.
    • Maneuverability during rush hours, especially on heavy traffic.
    • It saves you time compared to commuting in public transport utilities.
    • Lower chance of road accidents compared to other vehicles like motorcycles.
    • It also provides a higher chance of survival during an accident since it is installed with double safety features like seatbelt and airbags.
    • It is a long-term investment particularly when it is used in money-generating activities.

If you are torn between buying a brand new or used car, these following comparisons might help you to finalize your verdict.

Criteria of Comparison

Criteria Brand New Cars Used Cars
Price Brand new cars are known to be expensive, especially those with cutting edge technology. Used cars are sold 10 to 70% of its original price because of depreciation.
Depreciation Value Purchasing brand new cars automatically depreciates in market value by 20% and this continues as the years it is used. Used cars depreciate less with time.
Durability Since it has the latest technology and you are the first user, the durability of brand new cars are in its prime. Used cars just like any other materials, it also withers with time. But a pre-purchased car that is maintained well is a good criteria for buying it.
Safety Features With the advancement of technology, new automated safety features are installed and one of this are forward-facing sensors which monitors the relative distance and speed of adjacent vehicles. Some used cars have these features, too, especially those with less mileage or distance covered. But cars that ages 10 years or more lack these.
Customization Some manufacturers, particularly the leading brands, offer customization services which tailors the car according to your preferences, making it unique among the crowd. Customization is also available for used cars particularly if you buy it from a shop that is known for selling second hand cars.
Insurance Brand new cars are expensive to insure because of the new features that need restoration in case an accident happens. Used cars have lower insurance rates since its value diminishes over time.
Fuel Efficiency Brand new cars have better fuel combustion and can cover longer distances. Old models of cars, especially those 10 years or older, have lesser fuel efficiency and are prone to large amounts of CO2 emission.
Maintenance Since most brand new cars have a 3 years warranty, they also offer maintenance plans. Expired warranty is common to used cars when they are sold. So, maintenance would be a challenge for second hand cars.

In terms of the overall quality, brand new cars outweigh used cars. But if practicality is concerned, used cars are the better option. The only thing you need to do is to examine the secondhand car thoroughly if it is still working with less to zero damages. But if you do not trust your investigative skills, availing cars for sale in fresno would be a good start.

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