Business English is a blend of speaking and writing skills useful in any workplace. But, with the increasing business requirements and digitalization, it has become essential to speak fluently and effectively in English. 


Whether you are planning to pursue your career or are looking for an opportunity in your current field, Business English courses in Bangkok can help you take your next step. These courses will improve your communication skills and help you build a solid foundation for furthering your career as an executive or professional speaker.


Business English, also called formal English, is a blend of speaking and writing skills. It helps individuals present facts, ideas, and concepts professionally and conveys sophisticated information to an audience. Business speakers use colloquial English with plenty of expressions that are easy for the audience to understand.


You can compare it with how we speak at home or any social gathering. In business, you need to communicate with individuals from various nations who speak different languages. A subject matter expert speaker must know the local culture and norms to adapt their speech accordingly. A good speaker makes sure to use appropriate words and phrases for each situation and audience to avoid losing their attention. This requires a broad vocabulary, applicable grammar rules, and fluency in delivery techniques (such as gestures).

 There are two significant types of communication – face-to-face (or written) communication and electronic communication (email, text messages). In both cases, one needs fluency in both oral and written forms. For example, if you want to write something in an email, then you need fluency in speaking the same language too, as well as using correct grammar rules; it will make your letter look unprofessional if it lacks these aspects! Counseling is another field where Business English courses are provided by some schools/institutes offering this course type (for instance, IITs offer such courses).


Speaking a foreign language different from one’s native language requires cognitive fluency. This occurs when a person can produce and comprehend a string of words in a foreign language without re-checking the meaning of any one word. Many people have difficulty speaking languages that are too different from their native language. For example, many individuals learn English as their first foreign language and German as their second or third foreign language. German is much different from English in terms of spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, but English differs as well (for example, British English vs American English). However, individuals who speak both German and English can converse very well because they have built up enough fluency in both languages over time to be able to switch back and forth seamlessly between them easily (in fact, this switching occurs so quickly that it is hard for anyone else to notice).


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