Many moments in life require alteration services. The desire to choose the right outfit for an important meeting is what every individual looks forward to every day. If one is unable to find the right outfit, then one will need alteration services singapore. It is nice that many companies are offering alteration services at affordable prices. The help that these alteration specialists offer to their clients has led them to become successful in business.

How it all started?

The oldest profession in the world is altering. The tailor’s art is as old as clothes themselves. The ancient Greeks invented tailoring. The Romans refined it. And tailors worked with fabrics that today we would call antiques. Tailors learned their craft from master craftsmen, who learned from master craftsmen who had learned it from… tailors. The master craftsmen were artists in their own right. They worked with cloth the same way painters worked with paint. If one looks at a Renaissance painting, one will see delicate fabric designs. But if one looks closely, one can see that they are painted on, not woven into the cloth. The cloth is not separate from the design.

 The dye is painted on, and that is what one sees. Tailors didn’tjust work on clothes. They worked with furniture, too. Crates, barrels, chests, and baskets were made of wood, not metal. The wood would warp and split, and craftsmen had to repair and re-bend it.

Tailors worked not just with cloth but with metals: brass, iron, and steel. The metals used then, like today, were expensive, so craftsmen had to be careful. They had to know the qualities of the metal, how it would warp, how it would crack. Tailors taught their customers how to repair their garments. They taught their customers about materials, dyeing, and cutting.

Need For altering clothing

When buying clothes, it’s easy to get hung up on the fit; one wants the length to be just right, the waistline to be just right, the sleeves and the shoulders to be just right. But the people who design clothes don’t pay attention to fit. They want the clothes to fit lots of people. The designers don’t want their clothes to be baggy so one won’t look fat or tight, so one looks skinny. They want people to have clothes that fit.

This means that when one is buying clothes, one has to pay attention to the fit.

In general, clothes should fit one the same way the designers want them to fit people. So if one buys a size 10, the waist and hips should be exactly 10 inches. The sleeves should fit one between the wrist and elbow, and the hem should fall exactly below their crotch.

But sometimes, that’s not possible. If the waist is 28 and one natural waist is 26 if one’s shoulders are 34, and natural are 33 if one elbow is 18.5 and natural elbows are 16.5, if the wrist is 10, and if one wants their sleeve to fall 3 inches below the elbow, one won’t find that perfect fit.

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