Most people are having a hard time relaxing and resting. They usually feel pained and tired after work. Thus, most of them take some painkillers and supplements to make them feel relaxed. But, the said solution is only temporary. Once you wake up, you will continually feel the pain and tension caused by too much work.

What is the best thing to do? Perhaps, you might not be aware of the different types of body massage. Some know about body massage, but they don’t know the different types and their differences. Now, if you are one of those who wondered how they differ, you will learn at how Thai massage and Swedish massage differ.

Best massage for body pain

Thai and Swedish massage is good for body pain and tension. However, these two types of body massages are performed in different ways. Although it has a similarity, still it differs in the dress, positions, techniques, and benefits.

The Swedish massage technique

Swedish massage is relaxing rather than Thai massage. The massage has five major techniques:

  • Kneading and rolling. The same as kneading dough, the massage therapist kneads the muscles or joints to release pain and stretch them.
  • Stroking and gliding. It involves sweeping strokes that are used at the start-up to the end of the massage.
  • Shaking or vibration
  • Friction. Application of deep pressure and friction to particular sports are performed using knuckles, thumb, and fingertips.
  • Pounding and drumming. It involves fast percussion movements, such as chopping, tapping, and pounding.

The Thai massage techniques

Here are the techniques used for this type of body massage:

  • Works on the whole body. It is more invigorating and dynamic. The massage therapist uses the hands, forearms, shins, knees, and even feet by applying pressure on the muscles and loosening the joints. The therapist even sits or walks on the client if needed. The whole body is pushed, stretched, rocked, vibrated, and pressed.
  • Stretching. It involves more motions. The therapist places the client in different positions to apply pressure.
  • Blocking blood flow. Arms and legs are met at the torso. Sustained pressure is applied, which will enhance the blood flow.

Both Thai massage and Swedish massage are good for body pain. Also, both body massages are no harm to anyone. Anyone can have any of the two. Unless there is a certain preference like a soft massage or a hard massage for you is considered the best.

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