Birthday is the cause of celebration either you are at the age of 5 or 85. Birthdays are the pagan tradition which has begun by the Greeks. They have thought that each person should be given spirit to watched over from the day of their birth. Birthday is the way for celebrating the spirits.

This is mainly a Christian tradition but then it has moved towards all over the globe. But what does it have to do with the flowers?

Giving a gift like a flower is one way of celebrating a birthday. Gifts are always a part of the birthday celebration. Gifts have been offered to the personal spirit in the Greek tradition. Today gifts are given to the person for their birthday celebrations.

Flowers are considered an excellent birthday gift. Flowers as a birthday gift will show that you care. Hamper Singapore is the best place for getting the best flowers for a birthday gift. They will provide you the farm-fresh flowers which are specially arranged and curated for the bouquets. With this flower, you can celebrate the birthday of your special person.

Below you can find some of the best birthday flowers for the bouquets. Flowers gifts are always appreciated. Some flowers are specially for birthday itself. After reading below you will understand why some flower is more popular than other. Why some flowers are ideal for birthday celebrations?


A list of flowers would never be completed without a rose. Roses are the most popular flowers around the world. There is also some evidence where it is suggested that roses are more than 35 million years old. Roses are originated from China, but with such a long history it is no doubt that it is a very hugely popular flower.

Roses are also very famous for their distinctive shape. There are various kinds of roses and thousands of varieties which are available in the market. Roses are coming in various colors, sizes, and shapes. But you will likely find thousands of roses for the birthday bouquets. The classic shape of roses is very popular, and it is also coming in various colors to choose from. Rose is a very interesting flower, and everybody knows that it is associated with love. The color of the rose also determining love and the meaning which it represents is also true.

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